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This Ranch In Wyoming Comes With Its Own Air Strip And Guest Lodge

Updated Dec 9, 2021, 10:09am EST
This article is more than 4 years old.

A ranch with a private air strip and thousands of acres in Wyoming that is an ideal place to escape and can serve as either a private family compound, a corporate retreat, or a fully functional ranch, is on the market. The ranch can also serve as a revenue-generating opportunity as there is a cattle operation on the premises and fully operational dude ranch business, among many amenities. Called Red Reflet Ranch, it is listed at $19,950,000 with Hall and Hall, a real estate brokerage firm that specializes in rural real estate with 18 regional offices located throughout the United States.

Wyoming Offers Many Advantages

There are many advantages to being a resident of the beautiful state of Wyoming. As of April 27, the state had far fewer confirmed cases of coronavirus than many other states (only 389 cases, according to The Wyoming Department of Health). In addition, the state has very favorable tax treatment, as well. Indeed, Wyoming currently has no state income taxes, its sales tax at 4% is among the lowest in the country (although it can be as much as 2% higher, depending on the county) and property taxes are among the lowest in the country, as well. Annual real estate taxes for Red Reflet Ranch are estimated at $75,000 per annum based on last year’s taxes.

Located in the Bighorn Basin in the western foothills of Bighorn Mountains and six miles southwest of Ten Sleep, Wyoming (population 260), the ranch would easily rank as one of the safest places to social distance in the country.

A Diverse Property

The ranch is located on a diverse property, which is surrounded by spectacular scenery. The ranch’s land starts in a desert environment at 4,200 feet in elevation and works its way to 8,250 feet over a 15-mile stretch (an elevation change of approximately 3,800 feet) which brings it through an area of lush irrigated meadows where the streams come together, then through dramatic red canyons and rock formations up to the very top of the Bighorn Mountains there are groves of aspen trees and timbered slopes. Wildlife from coyotes to mountain lions to golden eagles, foxes and other small mammals are quite commonly seen here.

The Main Lodge

The contemporary western-style main lodge, constructed in 2008, is a steel building made to look like it was made of wood. It offers nearly 9,700 square feet of space over three floors. Sitting prominently on a high ridge overlooking the ranch meadows, the home features a 12-seat theater, a temperature-controlled wine cellar, three dining areas, a commercial kitchen, a bar, and a great room with a massive wood-burning fireplace.

The lower level of the home houses a second walk-in freezer, a garage, extensive storage, a commercial laundry, a recreation area (which includes the home theater), as well as a full bathroom for staff and a half-bath for guests using the area. There is also a temperature-controlled wine cellar and a small studio apartment.

The main floor is features an expansive foyer with large windows looking out over the valley. There is an office here and two bathrooms. There are three large dining areas, a bar, and a great room with huge wood burning fireplace and floor to ceiling windows frame magnificent views. There is also a massive commercial kitchen set up for a chef, a sous- chef, a pastry chef, and servers with all state of the art commercial appliances, walk-in refrigerator and freezer, and service for up to 200 diners. There is also a smaller private all-glass sunroom.

On the upper floor is a beautiful “apartment” for the owners. There are two large well-appointed offices (one of which includes a fireplace and full bathroom), a dramatic bedroom featuring an enormous bay window that looks out in three directions. There is an extensive library and storage areas, walk-in closet and an enormous master bathroom suite. There is also a private deck with hot tub. There is a second large bedroom with a bathroom and dressing room. The second floor space is large enough to be reconfigured to include more bedrooms, if desired.

The main lodge, which has an elevator and is wheelchair accessible, is air conditioned with in-floor heating and forced air with a sophisticated air exchange system that keeps the air fresh at all times. It is also fully landscaped and has two ponds filled from the artesian wells.

Near the main lodge, there is a swimming pool with extensive decks and bathrooms, a fenced, lighted tennis court, climbing walls, and a gym with exercise equipment and space for yoga.

Guest Quarters

There are four luxurious separate free-standing houses that offer between two and five bedrooms, that range in size from 1,400-square feet to 3,700-square feet for guests that are well separated from each other and the main lodge area. All of the guest houses have a private hot tub. Three of the guest houses have similar architecture to the main lodge with similarly dramatic settings. The fourth is one of the original ranch houses.

The largest of the guest houses is a 3,700-square-foot five-bedroom, five-bath home set in a large treed yard that overlooks a pond. The main floor includes two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and an expansive living area along with a full kitchen and several decks. There is a master suite upstairs and in the lower level there are two bathrooms , a large bedroom, and a bunk room for children. This house can accommodate up to 14 guests.

A fifth off-the-grid log cabin guest house is approximately 1,800-square-feet in size and is located 16 road miles on the side of a mountain high above the main ranch at 7,500 feet. Water is provided by springs to a cistern and power is supplied by solar with batteries and a backup propane generator. The lower level doubles as a garage for ATVs. The main floor has a stone fireplace, seating area, large enclosed deck for dining, two bedrooms and two bathrooms. There is a large loft bedroom with a half bath above the main floor.

There are several additional homes for housing staff including a duplex with two three-bedroom homes with garages. There is also a separate three-bedroom modular home with a work area and a three-car garage.

The sellers have agreed to include the guest ranch business at buyer’s option. The buyer must be prepared to honor commitments to guests and suppliers. If the buyer does not wish to buy the business, then possession will be subject to the possibility that seller will have to complete the current guest season.

Equestrian Facilities And Private Airstrip

The ranch also features elaborate equestrian facilities including stables and a 22,000-square-foot indoor riding arena with lighting that supports both the guest ranch and an equine training operation. Attached to it is a free-standing “stick-built” house that, in addition to an entrance area, gift shop and public restrooms; has a full one bedroom upstairs apartment and a complete three bedroom, three bathroom house with living room, dining area and kitchen. The stables are located in a 3,456-square-foot steel building that was completed in 2002. There are ten stalls with waterers and turnouts, a large tack room with a bathroom, and a grooming area.

The ranch offers a highly sophisticated four course zip line system and a natural water park as well as countless trails for hiking, horseback riding, or riding ATVs. There is also a secluded shooting range well removed from the main compound. There is also a butcher shop with a walk-in freezer and a walk-in cooler, a large organic garden and a greenhouse, a chicken coop

On the lower end of the ranch adjacent to a paved highway from Ten Sleep there is a 5,000-foot-long paved and lighted airstrip. The airstrip has PLASI activated on 122.9 with an FAA-issued and maintained GPS approach. There is a covered fuel depot with multiple tanks and a 4,900-square-foot heated hanger with work areas, a bathroom, and an office. There are two houses for staff or pilots, including one that is more than 4,000-square-foot in size with four bedrooms, four-and-a-half bathrooms, decks, hot tub, great room and garage. The ranch’s snow removal equipment enables the use of the airport year-round.

An Extensive Property

The ranch currently operates on over 28,500 acres (the purchase includes 6,599 deeded acres).

The buyer will be required to take the property subject to current agricultural leases on which the ranch has grazing privileges (this is approximately 21,847 leased acres of state and Bureau of Land Management land that will allow for cancellation – possibly with penalty – within one year).

The heart of the ranch includes 580 acres of productive irrigated meadows, and a complete set of operating improvements and staff housing to support both a 500 animal unit cattle operation and the guest ranch. The ranch owns thousands of acres of deeded lands on top of the mountains that support summer grazing for the cattle operation as well as a location for a comfortable off the grid cabin for the use of the ranch guests.

While the current owners do not offer hunting as part of the guest ranch experience, there are extensive private hunting opportunities for deer and elk for the current owner, their family and friends.

For more information about Red Reflet Ranch, contact James H. Taylor of Hall and Hall at (406) 656-7500 or at this link.

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