Mark Kortepeter


I am an infectious disease physician, scientist, retired Army colonel, and author of Inside the Hot Zone, a suspenseful account of infectious disease and outbreak crises I managed at the US Army's "hot zone" lab at Fort Detrick, Maryland. 

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192 viewsDec 5, 2023

How A Story About Vampires Saved A Life

It often "weeds out" the doctor wannabes, because if they can’t pass "orgo," their hopes for medical school are dashed.

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786 viewsNov 29, 2023

We Have Lost The Renowned Virus Hunter, Karl M. Johnson

He also led in the development of laboratory safety innovations, which reduced the risk to laboratory workers while studying such deadly viruses.

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568 viewsNov 20, 2023

Vaccine Against Chikungunya Approved By The FDA. Should You Get It?

The Food and Drug Administration recently approved a vaccine against chikungunya (pronounced chi-kuhn-goo-nyuh), a virus spread by mosquitoes in tropical areas across ...

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1,039 viewsOct 27, 2023

Malaria Is Spreading In The U.S. An Infectious Disease Doctor Explains This Troubling Trend

A patient developed malaria in Arkansas earlier in October, making now 10 cases this year that occurred in Florida, Texas, Maryland and Arkansas.

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3,293 viewsOct 14, 2023

New Study Offers Hope For Future Rabies Cure

When you were growing up, your parents may have told you to stay away from stray or wild animals.