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A Brand-New Ukrainian Drone Blasted A Russian Machine Gun From 1910

But the M1910 the Ukrainians blew up wasn’t an original, 1910-vintage gun. It was a “new” M1910 built in or after 1943.

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Ukrainian Drones Target Russian Troops When They’re Most Vulnerable: While Using The Bathroom

More Russians are getting blown up by Ukrainian drones while using the latrine outside their positions along the front line of Russia’s 22-month wider war on Ukraine.

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Russia’s New Exploding Drone Piggybacks On Ukraine’s 4G Cellular Network

Russia is installing modems and Ukrainian SIM cards in Shahed drones, potentially allowing them to piggyback on cellular networks—and possibly making them more dangerous.

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16,268 viewsDec 1, 2023

The United States May Have Found Another 5,000 Shells For Ukraine’s Biggest Artillery

The Ukrainian army’s 43rd Artillery Brigade, the sole user of the 50-ton 2S7, has plenty of howitzers. What it doesn’t have ... is enough shells.

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32,539 viewsDec 1, 2023

Ukraine’s 25th Air Assault Brigade Just Got ‘Tron-Like’ German Fighting Vehicles

The 25th is the second Ukrainian air-assault brigade, after the 82nd, to get 31-ton Marders from German stocks.