Costco Hearing Aids Review (2023)


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Dr. Amy Sarow is a board-certified audiologist practicing in an outpatient care setting in Southfield, Michigan
Amy Sarow, Au.D. Audiologist
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Our Verdict

Costco Hearing Aid Centers offer a convenient way for people experiencing hearing loss to be tested and fitted for brand-name hearing aids. However, it’s always advisable to speak with your doctor or an audiologist first to rule out any health conditions that could be causing hearing loss or that might require medical attention.

Key Features

  • Costco has operated Hearing Aid Centers staffed by hearing aid professionals for decades, in locations nationwide.
  •  Free hearing tests on site for Costco members
  •  Costco offers brand-name, new-model hearing aids, according to a Hearing Aid Center professional

Costco has locations in 46 states, many of which include Costco Hearing Aid Centers—the first of which opened in 1994. Unlike a lot of retail situations, Hearing Aid Center staff do not work on commission, according to the company.

  • Sells affordable hearing aid models
  • Staffed by hearing aid professionals
  • Free hearing tests available
  • Offers free follow-up appointments for adjustments and cleaning
  • Free 180-day trial period to try the devices, according to representatives
  • Free warranty periods (warranty length varies by hearing aid model)
  • Only Costco members can use Costco Hearing Aid Centers
  • Hearing tests measure hearing ability, not causes, so medical conditions causing hearing difficulty might go undiagnosed  
  • Cannot use health insurance to purchase hearing aids at Costco, according to representatives
  • Although follow-up services are free, they’re not provided by audiologists and can be difficult to schedule, online reviews suggest 
  • Consumers will typically not be able to work with the same hearing aid professional during follow up visits

Costco Hearing Aids at a Glance

  • Accessibility: Costco Hearing Aid Centers are available exclusively to Costco members.
  • Insurance coverage: Costco does not accept insurance for hearing aids.
  • Customer support: Costco’s Hearing Aid Centers are staffed by hearing aid professionals who can test your hearing, help you find a hearing aid that suits your degree of hearing loss and lifestyle, and fit them appropriately for you.

How Do Costco Hearing Aid Centers Work?

If you’re a Costco member (or thinking of becoming one) and interested in buying hearing aids, you first need to call a Costco Hearing Aid Center to make an appointment for a hearing test. Next, you fill out an online intake form, which is available in English or Spanish versions.

The intake form asks about your medical history, including any medications you take, allergies to materials (silicone, latex and others), health conditions and ear surgeries you might have had. The next section asks specific questions about your hearing, such as whether you’ve been exposed to noises like gunfire, if you hear ringing, buzzing or roaring in your ears, have had past experience using a hearing aid or whether you’ve ever seen a doctor about your hearing.

The last section of the form is a hearing needs assessment, which asks about your specific hearing needs and preferences, such as preferring a hearing aid that’s not easy for others to see, how you prefer to make adjustments to it and whether you’re interested in using your hearing aids with a cell phone, through a television or tablet, and whether you’re interested in remote follow-up service appointments.

Print the form when you’re done and bring it to your appointment. At the Hearing Aid Center, the hearing test is conducted in a soundproof booth and takes about an hour. After your test, your hearing aid professional discusses your results, as well as any hearing aid options that may be appropriate for you.

Costco Hearing Aid Centers currently offers four brands of hearing aids.

Rexton Core

Rexton Core hearing aids aren’t the best quality, but they’re a solid option for people on a budget, according to Amit Gosalia, an audiologist with West Valley Hearing Center in Woodland Hills, California. Costco customers can choose from receiver-in-canal (RIC), custom in-the-ear (ITE) and behind-the-ear (BTE) models, some of which are rechargeable. A number of customizations and color options are also available.

Rexton hearing aids include access to a free app that allows the user to control their hearing aids via a smartphone and request support remotely. The app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Wearers can also stream sound directly from a television to their hearing aids.

Prices for Rexton Core hearing aids purchased in Costco Hearing Aid Centers start at $1,599.99. Prices vary by state. The hearing centers also support remote hearing care and follow-up visits for these hearing aids.

Jabra Enhance Pro

Three models of the Jabra Enhance Pro hearing aid are available in Costco Hearing Centers. These receiver-in-ear (RIE) hearing aids come in eight colors and feature a water resistant IP68-certified coating. The rechargeable batteries can last up to 30 hours, depending on the degree of the wearer’s hearing loss and sound environment, device age and use of accessories.

The free Jabra Enhance Pro app allows wearers to adjust volume and change channels on their hearing aids, as well as find lost hearing aids, via their smartphone. These hearing aids can be used like headphones with compatible later-model iPhones, iPads and Android devices.

Prices for Jabra Enhance Pro hearing aids purchased in Costco Hearing Aid Centers start at $1,799.99. Prices vary by state.

Phonak Brio

As of November 2022, a number of sources are reporting that Sonova is ending the sale of Phonak branded hearing aids in some large retail chains, including Costco.

Phonak Brio hearing aids feature a BTE style with customization options available. The Brio 4 B-13 model is best suited for people with mild to severe hearing loss while the Brio 5 B-675 model is best suited for people with severe to profound hearing loss. They come in a variety of colors and have an expected battery life of 16 hours.

Bluetooth compatibility allows wearers to pair the hearing aids with their preferred Android and iOS devices, and the free accompanying app provides remote support for those who need it.

These hearing aids also feature a telecoil for connectivity in places with hearing loop technology (i.e. churches, theaters).

Prices for standard Phonak Brio hearing aids purchased in Costco Hearing Aid Centers start at $2,499.99, and prices for custom models start at $2,699.99. Prices can vary by state.

Philips HearLink 9030

These BTE and custom ITE hearing aids feature artificial intelligence technology that helps minimize sounds in noisy environments to improve the overall hearing experience of the wearer. They come in both rechargeable and disposable battery-operated options, as well as six colors. Models are available for mild, moderate, severe and profound hearing loss.

Compatible with both Android and iOS devices, the hearing aids can sync with a free app for remote control and live fitting support. Wearers can also call or visit a hearing center for additional support.

Prices for Philips HearLink 9030 hearing aids purchased in Costco Hearing Aid Centers start at $1,599.99. Prices vary by state.

The Cost of Hearing Aids Offered at Costco

The starting cost of hearing aids offered at Costco Hearing Aid Centers ranges from $1,599.99 to $2,699.99, depending on your degree of hearing loss, the brand and model you choose and any additional features or customizations you select.

A person’s lifestyle is an important consideration when figuring out how much to spend on hearing aids, explains Dr. Gosalia. While someone with a quiet lifestyle might only need to spend around $2,000 to $3,000 to find hearing aids that they find helpful, someone who travels a lot for business and does a lot of public speaking, for example, might need more technologically advanced hearing aids that are more expensive. However, even someone who needs top-of-the-line hearing aids shouldn’t spend more than $8,000 on them, he says.

What Experts Say About Costco Hearing Aids

Costco’s hearing aid professionals prescribe and fit hearing aids, go over all the settings with the wearer and provide free follow-up care, says Dr. Gosalia. Typically, it takes people two weeks or longer to get used to wearing hearing aids even when they work perfectly, he continues, and most need a few follow-up appointments as they get used to their devices.

Now, there are many health conditions that can cause hearing loss that can go undiagnosed in a hearing test without an accompanying examination by a licensed audiologist, notes Dr. Gosalia. Someone having difficulty hearing because of wax buildup in their ears or because they don’t realize they have an ear infection that’s causing hearing impairment, for example, runs the risk of the health condition worsening if they’re just fitted for a hearing aid rather than receiving medical treatment.

Many medical conditions can cause hearing loss, agrees William Even, an audiologist and clinical assistant professor in the department of otolaryngology at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, Texas. Outer or middle ear infections or eardrum perforations can lead to mild to moderate hearing loss, and a condition called otosclerosis can prevent the middle ear bones from functioning properly, he continues. Additionally, small benign tumors can form on the hearing nerve, leading to mild hearing loss that worsens over time, he says.

Hearing loss that affects only one ear or that affects one ear more than the other should always be evaluated further for more serious conditions,” continues Dr. Even, going on to say that the best way to determine whether you’re a good candidate for hearing aids is to have a full audiologic exam with an audiologist. Additionally, “if your hearing should ever change suddenly, you should get it evaluated immediately, [which is] when the chances for hearing recovery are at their greatest.”

Better Hearing Through Advanced Technology

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The Experience

A person’s satisfaction with purchasing hearing aids from Costco will most likely depend on their experience with the hearing aid professional helping them choose and fit the device, how well the device works for them and how helpful follow-up appointments are and how easy they are to schedule. Online reviews of all of these elements are mostly positive, with the exception of the ease of scheduling follow-up appointments.

Costco hearing aids currently have an average rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars on Consumer Affairs’ website. Reviewers report that Costco staff is helpful in offering adjustments and guidance in using their hearing aids in subsequent appointments, but they also report those appointments are sometimes difficult to schedule.

A reviewer in Tucson, Arizona, said it can take weeks or months to book a follow-up appointment. Another reviewer who waited two months for an appointment said they were very happy with both their experience with the hearing aids they purchased—which they claimed were superior to $5,000 ones they’d used in the past—and with the Costco hearing aid professional.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Costco hearing aids just as good as others?

Costco Hearing Aid Centers sell brand-name prescription hearing aids from Rexton, Jabra, Phonak and Philips, all of which maintain their same levels of quality regardless of the retailer selling them .

How much does a hearing aid from Costco cost?

Hearing aids purchased at Costco Hearing Aid Centers range from $1,600 a pair to $2,700 a pair. Cost varies by state.

Can I buy hearing aids at Costco without a membership?

No, you must have a Costco membership to visit a Costco Hearing Aid Center, purchase hearing aids and receive any related services.



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